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Cláusulas con "si"

Why do you want to know this?

We spend half our lives planning for things that might happen and our language has evolved so we can express all those possibilities. We want to make sure we are accurate when talking about these situations

  • Las cláusulas con “si”

Depending on when we are presenting the hypothetical, and how possible it is, we use different tenses. For example: 

  1. If I finish early, I call you  = Si termino temprano, te llamo
  2. Back in those days, if I finished early I would call you = En esos días, si terminaba temprano te llamaba
  3. If I were to finish early, I would call you = Si terminara temprano, te llamaría
  4. If I had finished early, I would have called you = Si hubiera terminado temprano, te habría llamado

The first two are fairly simple but the last two need more attention. In order to express these ideas we need to remember the imperfect subjunctive, the pluperfect subjunctive, the conditional and the conditional perfect


Imperfecto Subjuntivo


Pluscuamperfecto del subjuntivo

Condicional perfecto




Hubiera comido

Habría comido



Hubieras comido

Habrías comido

Él/ Ella/ Ud



Hubiera comido

Habría comido




Hubiéramos comido

Habríamos comido

Ellos/ Ellas/ Uds.



Hubieran comido

Habrían comido


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2. Which verb do we use in each clause?

Notice in the last two constructions we use: 


Subjunctive for the “if” clause and conditional for the “then” clause


  1. Imperfect subjunctive – conditional


  • Si fuera presidente cambiaría las leyes
  • Si tuviera tiempo, haría la tarea
  • Si pudiera comer cualquier cosa, comería una torta


  1. Pluperfect subjunctive – conditional perfect


  • Si hubiera sabido que venías, habría hecho un pastel 
  • Si hubiéramos hecho la tarea, habríamos logrado una A
  • Si hubieran salido a caminar todos los días, habían sido más saludables


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This unit “Cláusulas con ‘si’” was created by Alegría Ribadeneira by combining original material and sections about verbs from Spanish411.net, licensed CC BY-NC-SA and Spanish Grammar Manual by Enrique Yépez licensed  CC BY-NC-SA.