Welcome to our OER site!

What is OER?

OER are Open Educational Resources which are open and free to use by all our students! These OER were made possible through grants by the Colorado Commission On Higher Education, Department Development Funds, and the hard work of our Valiant Faculty who keep working tirelessly to develop and update these resources for you!

1. OER for Spanish Courses: Scroll through to find your Spanish course!

SPN 101 - ¡Cultivemos! 1
SPN 102 - ¡Cultivemos! 2
SPN 201 - ¡Disfrutemos!
SPN 202 - ¡Disfrutemos!
SPN 205 - Vida sana
SPN 301 -Homenaje
SPN 309 - Lenguaje y Sociedad
Comunicación en contexto
SPN 332 - Salud y Bienestar
Book cover for translation course
SPN 341 - Palabra Viva
SPN 370 - Texto y Contexto
SPN 391 - Comida y Sociedad

2. Other Resources in Spanish

Herramientas del idioma
Historias e Historias
Comida y Sociedad
Música y Sociedad

3. OER for other language courses

Book cover for beginning German course
GER 101 - Einfaches Deutsch
GER 102 - Einfaches Deutsch
ITL 201 - Title Here
ITL- Communicazione Attiva